Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction

By Amber SmithJan 5, 2024 10:00 PM
Penguin CBD full spectrum gummies


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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. 

Reviewed by Dr. Diana Rangaves, PharmD, Clinical Consultant Services, Google Scholar 

There are many natural remedies that may help with erectile dysfunction but have you heard about CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction? These tasty treats look like candy, making them a discreet choice, but pack a powerful punch for the 30 million men in the United States that ED impacts. You see, most men deal with a form of sexual dysfunction by age 40 and even more men (70%) end up with erectile dysfunction by age 70. 

Today we are going to dive into the 7 best CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction. We’ve opted to feature various brands with different options, such as new flavors, full spectrum, broad-spectrum, or herbal remedies with no CBD in them. CBD has been shown to relieve anxiety, which can help relax your fears before sex. Each of the options below may help you find a way to resolve some of your mild erectile dysfunction symptoms soon enough.

Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction

What are CBD gummies? 

These gummies, when obtained from hemp, are legal in most states under the 2018 Farm’s Bill. These gummies contain cannabidiol (CBD) and help reduce anxiety and improve mood. 

These gummies are made with mostly natural ingredients and often have various textures, shapes, and flavor combinations. While most of the CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction are broad spectrum, you can find full spectrum CBD gummies options on the market for erectile dysfunction. Just be sure to reach the information for each brand before choosing the best option for your needs. 

Elm & Rye Male Libido Gummies

Elm & Rye’s male libido gummies may ensure you’re sexual wellness is enhanced with improved mood, stamina and performance in the bedroom. These libido gummies contain tongkat ali, zinc, and other known ingredients to help improve sexual function.  This supplement is available in male and female versions. 

Penguin CBD Male Libido Gummies

Penguin’s CBD male libido gummies have an interesting combination of ingredients. From CBD to tongkat ali, muira puama, ginseng, and others these libido gummies may help your erectile dysfunction symptoms dissipate. With the natural calming properties of CBD along with the aphrodisiac quality of tongkat ali, you’ll soon find you’re better able to enjoy sex with your partner again. Each container has 30 gummies for your monthly dosage needs. 

Everest Delta 8 Gummies

Everest delta 8 gummies include 20mg of THC per serving. This means each gummy gives you the ease of cannabinoids to help with erectile dysfunction symptoms. THC has shown to help with ED with many people, although more research is necessary to gather the full effects of this on sexual dysfunction. Each gummy is vegan and non-GMO.  


These gummies from R&R contain USDA-certified organic hemp in their gummies. Each of their gummies has 60mg of hemp extract as well as 6.8mg of minor cannabinoids. These minor cannabinoids have helped with anxiety, sleep, and other issues that could be a root cause for erectile dysfunction. 

Leaf Remedys CBD Gummies

Leaf Remedys CBD gummies are made from organically grown Colorado hemp. The flavor options include mixed flavors and natural. Each of the gummies in this one month supply contains 30 gummies each carrying a strong dose of 50mg of CBD per gummy. The dosage recommendation is 1-3 gummies per day. 

Colorado Botanicals Gummies

These CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction come in a 25mg or 10mg dose per gummy with a strawberry or orange flavor option. This brand boasts an organic blend, non-GMO, and vegan friendly option for anyone looking to use CBD to improve sexual dysfunctions

FOCL CBD Gummies

These CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction are from FOCL and provide you with a full spectrum blend of 25mg of CBD per gummy. You can choose from sour watermelon, tropical punch, or mandarin orange flavors during checkout. These gummies are discreet and easy to take in public without anyone knowing that you’re consuming CBD for ED. 

Sunday-scaries Couch Potato THC gummies

Calm that anxious mind w/ Sunday Scaries "Couch Potatoes" THC gummies. Each gummy contains 5mg D9 THC, 25mg full spectrum CBD and 25mg L-Theanine. Unlike most supplements, L-Theanine directly impacts brain chemicals, boosting "Couch Potatoes" calming effect. Additionally, L-theanine can improve blood vessel function, which promotes better blood flow, crucial for erectile function.

Our Criteria For Choosing the Best CBD Gummies for Erectile Dysfunction 

  • CBD quality: During our selection process, we visited the ingredients list on each products’ page, and reviewed the source of CBD for each of the gummies before including the brand in our best CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction.  

  • Customer Reviews: Next up on the criteria for choosing CBD gummies was to consider all customer reviews. We read hundreds of customer feedback notes to ensure the overall experience using these gummies for erectile dysfunction were successful for the user.  

  • Transparency: Another important factor to consider for the best CBD gummies for ED was whether or not the company provided an ingredients list online as well as easy-to-find third party lab results for their CBD stats. 

  • Medication Conditions: While we can’t know which CBD gummies can work with your current health or medication list, we can inform you that some medications may have negative interactions with CBD, so be sure to have a conversation with your doctor about these supplements first. 


What are CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction and how do they work?

These CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction contain cannabidiol (CBD) which has been shown to reduce anxiety and tension in adult life. This means that ED caused by psychological issues, such as anxiety, may be reduced when you’re taking CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction. 

Are CBD gummies safe to use?

These CBD gummies are safe to use, most of the products are third-party tested and contain organic ingredients. Unless you have an allergy to any of the ingredients or sensitivity to hemp, CBD gummies are pretty safe to use. Just chat with your doctor before starting any over-the-counter supplement as a general safety rule though.  

Are there any side effects from CBD gummies?

Some of the known rare side effects from use of CBD gummies include drowsiness, dry mouth and sometimes digestive issues. Oftentimes, these mild side effects subside after regular use, but if they continue, please stop use and see your doctor to be safe. 

Can CBD be taken at any age?

As of right now, most CBD gummies are made for adults. These CBD gummies for erectile dysfunction are for adult use. People who are not of the majority age should discuss CBD options for their particular situation and age group. 

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