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At Discover, we believe science can and should be for everyone. We have reported on science developments for more than four decades and make it our mission to share the science that matters with you. We explore a variety of intriguing topics: ancient humans and artifacts; dinosaurs and animals; behavior and emotions; artificial intelligence; health and medicine; space and physics; the environment; ocean life, and more.

Through it all, Discover works hard to uncover information worth sharing and worth knowing. Our team of science editors and journalists are curious about the world around them and write articles that are approachable, informative and easy to understand.

We invite everyone to discover the science that is making a difference in their lives and in the world around them.

Editorial Standards

Discover’s team of editors and writers are passionate science communicators with decades of experience covering a broad range of scientific endeavor. Our team has experience writing and editing complex scientific topics that impact our daily lives. We are experts in choosing scientific studies that are timely, relevant to modern-day issues or generate curiosity about our ancient past. In a time of misinformation online, the team also identifies topics to debunk and explain with accurate information.

Our writers use peer-reviewed studies and high-quality sources, referencing publications like the National Library of Medicine, Nature, PLOSOne and others when compiling information for an article. In addition, they reference credited press releases from scientific establishments. Whenever possible, our writers will interview qualified expert sources for insight and context.

Our editors review each article for scientific accuracy, consistency and grammar to ensure you get a well-rounded view of the topic. Before each article is published online, it passes through at least two rounds of edits.

We follow AP Style guidelines as well as Discover’s editorial style. We will always strive to include diverse voices and experts.

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